Welcome to Pepitas Sweets

Pepitas Sweets is an inspiration of the sweet memories of my childhood, and a life long passion for baking and desire to make people happy while doing it.

The enjoyment of learning how to bake with my grandmother at the early age of 6 and filling our home with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread and pastries, has always been my biggest motivation to challenge myself and create the most delicious treats.

Anyone can mix, measure or follow a recipe but it takes Pepitas Sweets to deliver with passion and commitment the quality that reflects in the end product..melt in your mouth cupcakes, decadent desserts, and cookies made daily from scratch.

Pepitas Sweets honors the tradition of baking by going back to the basics with simplicity and using only the highest quality ingredients. Service, quality and uncompromising commitment to our customers is our promise to deliver delicious "home inspired" baked goods.

We welcome you to Pepitas Sweets and invite you to scroll through our selection of scrumptious treats!

We highly recommend our signature Pumpkin Spice cupcake filled with homemade pumpkin jam topped with the fluffiest maple cinnamon frosting.

Fighting temptation to have just one will be your biggest challenge!

Sweet Baking Regards



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